Work at Adam & Tricia's House June 15, 2002

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Yer princes all! Super work! I know it was hard to leave without final
completion -- Q almost had to be kicked out, but it was obvious we couldn't
finish, so off he finally went. Mike and I puttered on a bit, then packed up.

Just after he left, though, I noticed that one of what I thought was just
another large pine in the way back was actually a cedar, so I sent Mark back
to Home Depot for a chainsaw while I cleared some access with my hatchet.
Then we felled it towards the house and found that the center 25' was
perfectly free of branches. After shaping a froe out of my lawnmower blade,
we were able to easily split 6 perfect boards 25' long from the middle
section. By now it was getting kinda dark, but sensing that a miracle was
underway in the neighborhood, the neighbors all came over and stood in a ring
around the end of the house with flashlights and candles until we'd
hand-planed the last one into a nice 3/4" clapboard shape, primed and
attached it. They're still out there finish painting now, while Mark and I
catch a quick shower. And I thought we wouldn't get done....... Ouch! Who
pinched me? What? Oh. Aah, damn............

Anyway, it was great effort, and great to have all that cheerful enthusiasm
despite the weather. As I said, yer princes all, and thanks!

Dan-O, great pic of Matt looking overwhelmed by the volume of female
companionship, and great awareness to take it in the first place! Mike,
thanks for circulating it!

Rest well!Adam