At work
Dan Downing

Dan Downing- Partner in his own company, Mentoragroup. Something to
do with computers. Philisophical about other's lives, "Next."

Adam Kibbe
Adam Kibbe - Went to Harvard now shines lights on buildings.
Ripman Lighting Consultants
Mark Queijo
Mark Queijo-According to him, owns part of Bose Corporation.
Mike Miller
Michael Miller-Does most of the work on these camping trips.
Mark Schreiber

Mark Schreiber-Lawyer, works in a fancy skyscraper dreams of gourmet food, has a dog named Butter and a wife named Ginger. Need I say more?
Palmer & Dodge


Bill Lewis-School teacher at Josuah Eaton Elementary School. Bill's DNA closely matches John Muir's, but to the detriment of the group, he lets his job interfere with our October camping trips,